Muse Monday 5/18

“I think the darkness in you is beautiful.”

Love is Blind (2019 movie).

I have recently watched and loved the 2019 film Love is Blind staring one of my movie star crushes, Aidan Turner. It’s a romance movie available on Netflix. It’s cuteness and quirkiness has me wanting more stories like this so I’ve been hunting down some books to read quickly for my mood.

The movie was strange, somewhat realistic with some bizarre things… the most bizarre being that the main character cannot see certain people, like her mom whom she lives with. And not seeing them as ignoring their presence but full on cannot see! Hence the the about how we all blind spots in our vision. My man Aidan Turner did not disappoint and that quote just had me swooning. Plus it’s so true, we all have darkness in ourselves and thankfully some of us find someone to love both the good and the bad in us.

I watched Love is Blind on Netflix and totally recommend this film. It’s a new favorite romance movie for me. 5⭐️♥️

As I’ve mentioned in the beginning this story has me wanting to read something like this. And so I’ve ended up with a quick romance read from Amazon Unlimited loan.

I was looking for an opposites attract kind of story and A Billion Times No by Kenzie Reed fits that. It’s also a enemies to lover which I also like. I was able to finish this book in about a day or so because it is a very quick and predictable read. It did work as something quick for me to read while in this quarantine mood for all the comfort feels. Also thankfully this is now my 6th book I’ve read this year.

A Billion Times No by Kenzie Reed is available for the Amazon Unlimited loan. I’m still debating if I want to read anything more by Kenzie Reed. It’s possible if my mood fits. Plus it might help that the book is for a free loan like this book was. I’ve rated it about a 3.5⭐️ to a 3⭐️ because there was some redundancies. Redundancy is one of my pet peeves that I’ll just completely skip past if it’s bad and I did a little in this book. Would I recommend it? Maybe for something quick. Also for fans of a small Southern town and all its drama. Lots and lots of drama, like soap opera drama. But I liked most of the characters which is why I finished this book.

Now on to rewatching some Aidan Turner… I mean Love is Blind movie.

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