Film Friday 5/22

Film Friday.

Today’s Film Friday is North And South! This four part miniseries is based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s book. The 2004 miniseries is a BBC production staring Richard Armitage (loved him in the show Robin Hood and later The Hobbit!) and Daniela Denby-Ashe as the main cast.

I first saw this film in 2014. From there I was in with the story and had to read the book straight away! This year I reread the book by Gaskell for a Blind Date with a Book challenge from the library. I check the book out in February and this week I’ve finished it and still love everything about it! My library described it as

A retelling of Pride in Prejudice in an Industrial world with social and working class issues.

So I was like… a retelling of one of my favorite Jane Austen’s books? Sign me up. Upon opening the mystery Blind Date Book I found that I already read it but I was intrigued to reread it and then rewatch the film so here goes…

Episode 1…

as I would call it, an introduction to the film’s main character, Margaret Hale. In Gaskell’s book both Margaret and John Thornton shared the point of views. I’m curious how the film would be if they had shown more from John pov. Well so the upper class Hale’s have to give up their “country parsonage” in the South because Margaret’s father could no longer work with the church for differences of opinions… so the move to the exact opposite of their lifestyle to live in the North, a industrial town. So good by quite farm life hello mill factories.

But in all this fear Margaret is reminiscing on how she had someone propose to her. The actor that proposed is cute but the way he proposed even I would have said no.

Anyway now the Hales have to start fresh in what they consider a very bad place. The photographer for these two contrasts is great showing how bright and peaceful the South of England is where the Northern are is dark, smoky and way too busy for the Hales.

Episode 2….

This might be most favorite of the 4 part episodes. After getting to know the characters in the first episode I was really intrigued with everyone… especially with Mr. Thornton!!

Spoilers…. (Thornton proposes to Margaret. This proposal is so sweet and swoon worthy! I just feel so much for poor Thornton here.)

Episode 3…

This episode is my least favorite but it does show the working class struggles very well. And the best, Thornton and his brooding expressions. I think I like Thornton more than Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. But really I think I became more attached to the various other characters besides the main characters thanks to the book.

Episode 4…

This whole ending just makes me swoon all over again. Spoiler… though not much of a spoiler if you already figured out this romance… Margaret and Thornton live happily ever after (hea).

My overall thoughts…

5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and a favorite ♥️

What I really love about this is how realistic the story is. The cast is great. I loved how well they all did despite how little their role is in the miniseries. The book we are given so much more details about all the various characters but here it’s like they stuck with wanting us to know just Margaret Hale and John Thornton which is fine because Richard Armitage is great as this brooding good looking guy.

I highly recommend the film. It is a fun and cute period drama piece with more than just girl meets guy, hates guy, guy proposes and gets turned down. Girl changes her mind and they live HEA. No this is more than that. It’s realistic and shows how there is more to life that just getting married which is revolutionary at the time that the book was written. Margaret Hale is definitely one of my favorite period drama Heroines.

So yes, please! Check out this film! At least for Richard Armitage’s brooding looks! And then read the book when you have time to enjoy it.

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