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Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Soundtrack

My current read Soundtrack:

I love listening to music while reading. I also like thinking what music the characters would be listening to. Here is a few songs from my soundtrack for my current read: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins (prequel to The Hunger Games trilogy).

For Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes I’ve made a much longer list on iMusic with some old songs mixed with some new.

Snake Eyes by Mumford & Sons

“And the bandit that greets you in the night
With snake eyes, the most precious kind”

Gotta have something about snakes and this song is haunting for the Hunger Games trilogy.

Birds by Imagine Dragons

“I know that ooh, birds fly in different directions
Ooh, I hope to see you again”

I love Imagine Dragons!!! This song is a good one and of course… birds.

In the Woods Somewhere by Hozier

“An awful noise
Filled the air
I heard a scream in the woods somewhere”

Hozier is a new to me singer and this song is soooo haunting and good!

Heart of a Dog by The Kills

“I get lost
But I always come around
It’s a strange fear
Allows me to be found
I’m loyal, oh oh, I’m loyal
I’m loyal, oh oh
I got the heart of a dog”

This is a good new song by The Kills. The band is definitely one of my faves.

Disillusioned by A Perfect Circle

“Time to put the silicon obsession down
Take a look around, find a way in the silence
Lie supine away with your back to the ground
Dis- and re-connect to the resonance now
You were never an island”

Maynard Keenan is brilliant and comes up with some awesome songs from his bands TOOL, Pucifer and A Perfect Circle. This song reminds me so much of the Capital lifestyle in the Hunger Games as well with our lifestyle now… the “silicon obsession” has been amplified in these books.

I have a bunch more songs on my iMusic list… might try and make a Spotify list so I’ll be sure to add a link for that one.

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