Top 10 Tuesday 5/19

Top Ten Reasons Why I… love the book community.

It’s a late Top Ten Tuesday. I’ve been seeing these for ages now. It’s currently being hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. Today’s Top 10 is “Reasons Why I Love…”

1. Blogging.

I first started blogging on MichelleBookAddict and now I’m blogging on this account.

I first got into the bigger book community from The Reader’s Room. I first saw them from (a place better than GoodReads but closed down because of them). I was intrigued with their blog and started following them. From there I’ve expanded who I’ve been following and also thanks to this new community I’ve also expanded my tbr.

2. Bookstagram.

I have two active accounts. MichelleBookAddict and Reading1PageADay.

From blogging I’ve found some great Instagram people to chat with about books. Also the pretty pictures and more tbr. Thanks to bookstagram I’ve learned what a #bookishheart is, and taking one like this is tough. I did have fun making them but I don’t often so good for those that have the time and patience for these photos. I like the #BookRainbows because they are a lot easier. It’s been a lot more easier thanks to my new obsession with these Canterbury Classic Books! These #WordCloudClassics are so pretty!!!

3. Buddy Reads.

There is sooooo many people that I can do buddy reads with now. Also just chatting with someone about my latest read has been so fun. One in particular that I’m looking forward to (re)reading is Marc and @rumivdbossche1985 in what they call the #TwilightYouKnowYouWantToReadAlong. Yup, 2 guys reading the first Twilight book by Stephanie Meyer. I read the first (and only book) of the series over 10 years ago so it’ll be interesting to see what I think of it now.

4. Book Clubs.

There is also a lot of book clubs that I’ve found on Bookstagram. My favorite being Read And Gush Book Club. Next month we will be reading Coral by Sara Ella. Also I miss going to the library for the monthly book club meetings. My library has been book clubs and I went to one of them and love it! We would just chat about the books we read and in doing so I met a lot of nice people from that group.

5. New authors and genres.

I don’t read horror or mystery books that often. Well before bookstagram I haven’t really read anything that would be scary horror. And then I started following Mother Horror and my tbr books and genres have expanded. Thanks to her I’ve added some pretty scary books. I’ve also met other bookstagrammers who have introduced me to new authors and genres. I suppose this is both good and bad. The good because I’ve expanded my reading interests. The bad is for my poor bank account that suffers from all the new books I’ve been buying.

6. The Book Box Subscriptions.

You probably have heard of some of these book subscriptions… Book of the Month Club (they even had some commercials!). Owlcrate (a YA books and a very small business). These 2 I have been an active subscriber to. Then there’s others like… Loot Crate, Fairyloot, Once Upon a Club, Fae Crate, LitJoy Crate… etc etc. And then there’s my new favorite new book subscription company run by my fave bookstagrammers (@MotherHorror and @BookishMommy). They run the NightWorms horror subscription box. I’m super excited to get the June book!!! It’s a simple little book box subscription with one mainline book and maybe one or two more books with some small goodies… all inside here… (bottle of wine not included)

7. Bookish Merchandise.

Yup. As Yogurt would say… “Merchandising, merchandising, where the real money from the movie is made. Spaceballs-the T-shirt, Spaceballs-the Coloring Book, Spaceballs-the Lunch box, Spaceballs-the Breakfast Cereal, Spaceballs-the Flame Thrower.” … my favorite book merchandise is Book Sleeves, Funko Pops, and Book Candles. My favorites book sleeve company is Baby My Book on Etsy. A new book candle company I love is Get Fictional and they have some unique styles (candle is one of them). As for the Funko Pops. Beware! Once I started I’ve been now collecting a lot of them. Like a lot! This guy is my most recent addition to my Funko Pop obsession collection (Quint from the movie Jaws)


And that’s about all I’m going to count down with. I’m sure I’ve helped you all in adding more things to your tbr and such…

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday 5/19”

  1. I totally agree with each reason you listed – especially blogging! I adore the Word Cloud Classics! They are so pretty! I have an Anna Karenina Word Cloud book and it’s gorgeous! Happy reading!

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